This sweet, delicate flatfish is closely related to sole and halibut. Put simply, all flatfish fished commercially in the U.S. are really flounders. Worldwide, over a million tons of flounder is caught each year.

Flounders lie on their sides on the ocean floor; depending on the species, either the left or right side might face the surface. Although they are born with normal eye placement, after a few weeks one eye migrates so that both face upwards. At the same time, the uppermost part of their body turns dark while their underside becomes white. Fully grown, flounder may reach up to 3 feet in length, although less than half that is typical.

Availability: Seasonal

Origin: Wild; Florida, Texas, Atlantic Coast

Texture and Flavor: White, delicate, lean, flaky

Cooking Methods: Bake, broil, grill, deep fry, steam

Substitutes: Turbot, Cod, Sole