Yellowfin Tuna

Often seared on the grill and served rare, yellowfin tuna has soared in popularity over the past 25 years. Its delicious bright red meat has a beef-like texture, but is much milder in flavor, making it an excellent choice for non-fish eaters. It is also frequently served rare as sushi or sashimi.

With over 900,000 tons of yellowfin landed each year, it’s also the world’s most valuable tuna resource. Japan consumes about 200,000 tons, the U.S. about 55,000 tons. Yellowfin tuna is graded by both fat content and color — the fatter and redder, the better.

Availability: Year-Round

Origin: Wild (Gulf of Mexico, Pacific)

Texture and Flavor: Deep red, firm, moist, large flakes, flavorful

Cooking Methods: Grill, pan sear, steam, sushi, sashimi

Substitutes: Opah