Also known as Broadbill, Swordfish is imported from South America or flown fresh from the Florida gulf.  Adult fish are toothless and scaleless and can measure nearly 15 feet in length and weigh up to 1400 pounds.  Known for its long beak, used to slash and wound prey before feeding, Swordfish can travel at speeds close to 50 mph!  Like Marlin and Tuna, they have the ability to heat their eyes so as to improve their vision in cold waters, aiding their hunt for prey.  The color of the flesh varies with the diet of particular fish; Swordfish meat ranges from milky-white, to rosy-pink, to orange (also known as “Pumpkin” Swordfish, due to the high consumption of shrimp).

Availability: Seasonal

Origin: Wild (South America, Florida)

Texture and Flavor: Pearly white, firm, tender, rich

Cooking Methods: Grill, pan sear, broil

Substitutes: Chilean Sea Bass