Striped Bass

Striped bass is a mild freshwater fish with a delicate, slightly sweet flavor.  The raw meat is translucent white and turns opaque when cooked.  It is moderately firm, but flaky, and the oil content keeps it moist during cooking. Striped bass can be stuffed and baked whole, which creates a beautiful presentation served due to its silver-white skin with distinctive black horizontal stripes.  We purchase the fish from Silver Streak Farms in Danevang, TX.  Because it is raised locally, it makes for a fantastic year-round menu item.

Availability: Year-Round

Origin: Farm-Raised (Texas)

Texture and Flavor: Delicate, slightly sweet flavor, moderately firm, flaky, moderate oil content

Cooking Methods: Grill, pan sear, broil, stuff

Substitutes: Black Drum, Redfish