Lou Cantu

Lou Cantu - Wholesale Dispatcher

Hometown: Austin, TX
Cooking Since: age 16
Last job before Quality Seafood:  Worked in the maintenance department at Advanced Mirco Devices (AMD)
Favorite fish to eat: Texas Black Drum
Favorite fish to fillet: Halibut – it is a flat fish and has a firm texture.
What’s on his radio: Country, particularly Kase101
What is your favorite dish your mom/dad makes? My mom’s chicken mole.

How did you come to work at Quality Seafood? I needed a job that would work with my school schedule so Pops (my dad, Tom Cantu) gave me my first job working here as a grocery sacker. After sacking groceries for a while, I slowly started to work behind the retail counter. Pops taught me about the different types of fish and how to fillet.

How long have you worked at Quality Seafood? When I got my first job at Quality I stayed for three years and left after I graduated high school. I then went to work for various companies and finally landed at AMD. I worked there for 15yrs and then our department was laid off. At that point I needed a job, so I came back to Quality Seafood. I have been here since and that was 7 years ago.

What do you do now at Quality Seafood? I work in the wholesale department. My job is take orders, direct our wholesale team as to what needs to be cut and packaged then route the orders, all while fielding phone calls.

How have you seen Quality Seafood grow? Through the different owners. Carol has done a great job in transforming Quality into what is it now. We are busier then ever these days.

In your opinion, what makes Quality Seafood unique? Everyday is something different.

If you could give our customers one piece of advice when purchasing and cooking seafood, what would it be? When buying seafood make sure the fish never smells fishy. And when cooking seafood make sure that you do not over cook it.