Guillermo Orta

Faces of Quality Seafood – Guillermo Orta

Guillermo Ortiz

Guillermo Orta – Retail Fishmonger


Where are you from originally? “I am from Austin, Texas”


Where did you work before you came to QSM? “I was over at Elevation Burger”


How long have you been at Quality Seafood?  “I have been here a year in June, and I actually worked here before for a year and a half.”

What do you love most about your job? “My co-workers are a ton of fun!”


What is your biggest challenge on the job? “There is a lot to get done behind the Market Counter, so it’s a challenge to keep up with everything, but we have a great team, and we work great together”

In your opinion, what makes Quality Seafood unique? “My co-workers!  They are great”


What’s your favorite menu item to order on your break at Quality Seafood? “Popcorn Shrimp”


What was the last meal you ate from Quality Seafood? “Popcorn Shrimp”


If you’re a monger, what’s your favorite fish to fillet? “I love to fillet the Drum!”


If you’re a cook, what’s your favorite fish to cook?  Why? “When cooking, I like cooking the Ruby Red Trout or the Rainbow Trout”


If you could give our customers one piece of advice when buying or cooking seafood, what would it be?  “Be careful not to over or undercook your fish”


If you were to turn on your ipod what song would be playing? “Mack Miller”


What is your favorite holiday to celebrate and why? “Thanksgiving, I love the food!”