Daniel Cooper



Where are you from originally? “Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada”

Where did you work before you came to QSM? “Joe’s Crabshack”

How long have you been at Quality Seafood? “3 Months”

  What type of background or work experience did you have that brought you to QSM? “Dishwashing only.  I was in the medical profession prior to coming to Quality Seafood.  I went from massage techniques to learning knife skills.”


What is your ultimate goal?  Continue to work in the seafood, restaurant industry?  Something else?

“I want to learn as much as I can about cooking and prep from anyone who is willing to teach me.”

What do you love most about your job? “ I get to cook every day and I get paid to do it!”

What is your biggest challenge on the job?

“Adapting to techniques and new equipment I have never used or even seen before.”

In your opinion, what makes Quality Seafood unique?  “The willingness to make everyone happy, the flexibility and what Quality does for it’s employees. “

What’s your favorite menu item to order on your break at Quality Seafood? “Jalapeno Salmon Burger”

What was the last meal you ate from Quality Seafood? “Jalapeno Salmon Burger”

What’s your favorite fish to cook?  Why? “Walleye. I grew up eating it, it’s very popular where I come from”

If you could give our customers one piece of advice when buying or cooking seafood, what would it be?

“Do your research, know what pairs with what.”

Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?  “I draw, paint, sculpt, play guitar, I am also a published writer.  I have four published poems, and a published medical paper.  I also have my memoir being published in the next year.”

If you were to turn on your ipod what song would be playing? “Runrig, it’s an Irish Folk Band”

What is your favorite holiday to celebrate and why? “Christmas and New Year’s, it’s about Family and Giving.”