Chuy Zarate


Chuy is one of our Bartenders here at Quality Seafood!  Although Chuy is not his real name, we love his nickname and it fit’s him perfectly!

Where are you from originally? San Antonio

What brought you to Quality Seafood?  I had been a long time customers and the friends I had who I loved who worked here.  I knew this place was special and I wanted to be a part of it.

Where did you work prior to working here? I have been in the industry a long time!  I have been a bartender and manager for 15 years.   I have worked at JC’s and Lavaca Street.

What do you love most about your job? The different people you get to meet at the bar.  There are many different characters that come through our front door.

What is your ultimate goal?  Continue to work in the seafood, restaurant industry?  Something else? My Goal is to continue to afford acting and directing.

What is your biggest challenge on the job?  When we get really busy, the customers can get “Testy”, but it is my goal to make sure they have the best experience!

In your opinion, what makes Quality Seafood unique?  I have never worked in a place that was 3 businesses in one.  When people come in the door they come in with different intentions. 

Do you have a story to share (an experience with a customer or a coworker, something that might interest our customers)?

There was a regular customer named Mary who used to come in and due to her age, we don’t get to see her as often as we used to… we miss her!

What’s your favorite menu item to order on your break at Quality Seafood? Our Crawfish Etouffee’ and the Shrimp Diablo

What’s your favorite fish to cook?  Seared Salmon Fillet with Sesame oil and a dash of soy sauce

If you could give our customers one piece of advice when buying or cooking seafood, what would it be?  Don’t OVERCOOK your fish!  And listen to our fishmongers, they are extremely knowledgeable and know what is freshest!

Do you have any hidden talents of hobbies?  I am an actor and director.  You may have seen me in local theater productions and local television commercials.

If you were to turn on your ipod what artist would be playing? Prince

What is your favorite holiday to celebrate and why? New Years because of all of the festivities and looking forward to the coming year!