Beverly Wright

Beverly Wright









Where are you from originally? Buda, TX

How long have you been cooking? Since I was 14.

When did you begin working at Quality Seafood? I started working at Quality Seafood in 1997. I started off doing to prep, and have worked my way up to a cashier and the assistant kitchen manager.

Where did you work prior to working here? My first job was at Huston Tillotson College as the head cook. I also worked at Pflugerville transportation and then came to Quality.

What do you love most about your job? The customers! Since I am the cashier I know the customers and they know me. Our regular customers often will ask about me if they don’t see me at the cashier station.

What is your biggest challenge on the job? As the assistant kitchen manager, my greatest challenge is recognizing and understanding the various work styles in our team.

In your opinion, what makes Quality Seafood unique? The customers, the owner (Carol Huntsberger) and Rich Taylor. They have made Quality Seafood what it is today. I have worked here for 15 years, and I have seen people come and go but the atmosphere is one of a kind. Quality has some of the best seafood in Austin and I’m not just saying that – I mean it!

What’s your favorite menu item to order on your break at Quality Seafood? Blackened ruby red trout with okra and mac n cheese. For dessert I love the pecan pie!

What’s your favorite fish to cook? Shrimp! But my all-time favorite dish to cook is enchiladas.

If you could give our customers one piece of advice when buying or cooking seafood, what would it be? Try not to overcook the fish. Once it’s too dry there is not much you can do then.

What do you enjoy doing on your days off? I love to go fishing with my sons, ride my horses, and play volleyball.

Beverly riding her horse